Jean-Sylvestre BERGÉ

photo D. Venier

Jean-Sylvestre Bergé is a law professor at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3. He is a member of the International, European and Comparative Law Research Centre (EDIEC, EA, No.  4185) and Co-Director of the European University Network « European Area of ​​Freedom, Security and Justice  » (GDR CNRS AFSJ, No. 3452).

Email: – Postal address: Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 – Faculté de droit – 15, quai Claude Bernard – BP 0638 – 69239 Lyon Cedex 02 – France


Profile: A University law professor for almost 20 years, Jean-Sylvestre Bergé is the author of several monographs and numerous articles (in French, English and Spanish). At the various universities in which he has worked, he has held senior management positions for research groups (JE, EA and GDR CNRS), graduate schools (Normandy – Nanterre) and national and international diplomas (Rouen, Nanterre and Lyon). As University vice-president (Lyon), he was also the director of the international relations department. To date, he has piloted four international research programmes (ACI (formerly ANR) – Jean Monnet (EU) – JCI Justice – Bourgeon). He has been invited to many countries as a visiting professor. Since the beginning of his career, he has mobilized three consecutive research themes (interaction between international and European law; Europeanisation of law; contextualized global legal pluralism), each being marked by a series of accomplishments. He’s already working on a multidisciplinary and comparative approach of specific and complex international phenomenons.



  • 1985: Baccalauréat B (NICE Academy)
  • 1988 – 1990: Bachelor of Law, University of TOULON – DEA (Research Masters) in Private International Law and International Trade Law at PARIS I and PARIS XI Universities
  • 1991: CAPA: Certificat d’aptitude à la profession d’avocat (Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession)
  • 1992 to 1994: Lawyer with the PARIS Court of Appeal
  • 1994 to 1996: Assistant Lecturer (ATER) at PARIS I University (PANTHEON SORBONNE)
  • 1995: Ph.D. in Law from PARIS I University (PANTHEON SORBONNE) & HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research)
  • 1996: Lecturer in Private Law and Criminal Science at PARIS I University (PANTHEON SORBONNE)
  • 1997: Agrégation in Private Law and Criminal Science (competitive exam 1996)
  • 1997 to 2001: Professor at the University of ROUEN
  • 2001 to 2011: Professor at PARIS WEST University (NANTERRE LA DEFENSE); 2004 to 2006: Associate Professor at the University of NEW CALEDONIA
  • 2006: Promotion to 1st class Professor by the CNU (National Universities Council)
  • 2011- present: Professor at JEAN MOULIN University LYON 3 – Faculty of Law
  • 2013: Promotion to exceptional class Professor by the CNU (National Universities Council)


  • Teaching roles, including current year:
    • Freedom of movement in Europe (Third year undergraduates)
    • International contract law (First year Masters students in International law)
    • European intellectual property law (Second year Masters students in Business Law, Audio-visual law and Intellectual property law)
    • European Union litigation law (European litigation strategies – Second year Masters students in the legal profession)
    • European Private Law (Second year Masters students in Private international and comparative Law)
    • The lawyer and globalisation (College of Law)
    • The Europeanisation of law (College of Law)
    • The multilevel protection of the fundamental freedoms (Judiciary studies institute)
    • International Intellectual Property Law (LLM)
    • International phenomenons and social sciences (Ph.D.)
  • Visiting professor/researcher:
    • Colchester (University of Essex), Oxford (Institute of European and comparative law), University of São Paulo, Hungary (University de Szeged), Hanoï (National University of Vietnam), Cairo (University of Aïn Chams), Bologna, KU Leuven, Moscow (School of economics), Tokyo (University of Daito Bunka), Vilnius, Buenos Aires (University of San Salvador), Tunis (University of Carthage), Erevan (UFAR), Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brasilia (Uniceub).
  • Programmes (creation/direction):
    • DESS post graduate degree in Professional Activities Law (Rouen – 1998) – Second-year Masters Bilingual studies in European law (Nanterre – 2004) – European Joint Masters programme “Policing in Europe” (Lyon – Cepol – Ensp – 2015)


  • National, International and European research programmes (steering)
    • ACI (formerly ANR) Internationalisation of cultural sciences and humanities (n° P02 / 11) – French ministry of research and higher education – 2002-2004 – The reception of Community law into the private law of Member states (Paris X University – Nanterre – CEJEC)
    • Jean Monnet Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme – Project n. 54239-LLP-1-2013-1-FR-AJM-IC) – European Union Commission – 2013/2014 – The boundaries of European Private International Law (University Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 – EDIEC – CREDIP – GDR CNRS AFSJ)
    • GIP Justice (Decision 14.18) – French ministry of justice – CNRS – Research mission “Law and Justice” – Programme “Legal and sociological analysis of the state of issues in France in light of foreign practices concerning the filiation of children conceived outside of the law (Belgium, Great Britain, Israel)” – 2015-2016 – EHESS (Paris) – in collaboration with M.-A. Hermitte, K. Parizer-Krief and S. Mathieu
    • Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 – Project “Bourgeon” (support for the application of new research projects) – 2015 – 2016 – Subject “Comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to international and regional situations” – in collaboration with S. Harnay (Economist), U. Mayrhofer (manager), L. Obadia (anthropologist)
  • Books, reports, n° special journal issues
  • Studies and articles
    • Published journals (French): Journal du droit international, Europe, Semaine juridique (JCP), Petites Affiches, Revue critique de droit international privé, Gazette du Palais, Revue trimestrielle de droit européen, Legipresse, Propriétés intellectuelles, Legicom, Revue générale de droit médical, Revue de droit de l’immatériel, Revue internationale de droit économique, Dalloz, Litec, L’Harmattan, Bruylant, Pedone, Economica, Lamy,  Panthéon-Assas, Revue de droit pénal et de criminologie, Juris Art etc., Revue d’histoire des sciences humaines.
    • Published journals (foreign or international): Aequitas (Universidad del Salvador – Facultad de Ciencias Juridicas – Buenos Aires), European Journal of Legal Studies, Kluwer Law International, Cambridge University Press, Peter Lang, Anthémis-Némésis, Anuario de Derecho Internacional Privado – Iprolex, Hart, Intersentia, Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper, Spanish Yearbook for International Law, Australian International Law Journal, Cahiers de droit (U. Laval), Revista da Faculdade de Direito – Universidade de São Paulo, Uniform Law Review (Unidroit), European Review of Private Law, Montesquieu Law Review.
    • Areas: European law, International law, Comparative law, Intellectual property law, Competition law, Bioethics, Tort, Law – Economics.
  • Columns (co-ordination/contribution)
    • Chronique de droit de l’activité professionnelle du Centre de recherches sur le droit de l’activité professionnel (CRDAP – ROUEN) – Petites Affiches (1998 to 2000)
    • Chronique de droit européen & comparé du Centre d’études juridiques européennes et comparées (CEJEC – NANTERRE) – Petites Affiches (2001 to 2010)
    • Chronique de droit européen des contrats (EU – CEDH) in the Revue de contrats – LGDJ Lextenso (2003 – present)
    • Chronique sur les interactions du droit international et européen in the Journal du droit international – Lexis Nexis (2009 – present)
    • Chronique de jurisprudence judiciaire française relative au droit de l’Union européenne (EDIEC – JEAN MOULIN – LYON 3) in the Revue trimestrielle de droit européen – Dalloz (2012- present)
  • Participation in collective works (directories, encyclopaedias, manuals, research programmes)
    • Published: Juris-Classeur, Lamy, Dictionnaire permanent, collective works and law journals (see list above).
    • Areas: European law, Private international law, Intellectual property law, International economic law, Bioethics
  • Commentaries on legal decisions, reviews, forwards, prefaces, summary reports
  • Conferences, presentations
    • In France: Lyon, Nanterre, Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Saint-Etienne, Poitiers, Chambery, Grenoble, Créteil, Lille, Amiens, Bayonne, Nantes, Montpellier, Limoges, Le Havre, Rouen, Evry, Tours.
    • Overseas: Louvain-la-Neuve, New York, Alger, Barcelona, Hanoï, Tunis, Berkeley, Seattle, Taipei, The Hague, Sydney, Melbourne, Porto, Cagliari, Erevan, Florence, Münster, Konstanz, Cairo, Leuven, Madrid, Luxembourg, Buenos Aires, Seville, Bologne, Monaco, Oslo, Washington DC, Nouméa, Moscow, Pecs, Budapest, Oxford, Riga, Rome, Montreal, Quebec.


  • Running of two Ph.D. schools (Normandy – 1998-2001; Nanterre – 2006-2009) and organisation of international Ph.D. sessions in 2003 (Nanterre), 2012 (Lyon) and 2013 (Barcelona – Louvain La Neuve)
  • Recipient of the Ph.D. and research supervising bonus (1999-2007 and 2008-2012) – Recipient of the scientific excellence bonus, now the Ph.D. and research supervising bonus (2012-2016) 


  • JEAN MOULIN University LYON 3 (2011 – present)
    • Co-director of the European university network “Area of freedom, security and justice law” (GDR – CNRS n° 3452, 2011- present)
    • Director of the Private International Law Research Centre (CREDIP), comprising the EDIEC (EA n° 4185) – (2012 – 2014)
    • University Vice-President in charge of international relations and director of the International relations department (2012-2014)
    • Co-founder and co-director of the Joint Masters Programme “Policing in Europe” (CEPOL – 13 Member states – in collaboration with the ENSP –2015- present)
    • University of PARIS WEST (NANTERRE LA DEFENSE) (Paris X – Nanterre) ED (2001-2011)
    • Co-director of the Ph.D. School of political and legal science ED n° 141 (2006 – 2009)
    • Co-director of the European and comparative legal studies centre EA n° 2320 (2003 – 2011)
    • Co-founder (2004) and co-director (2009 – 2011) of a Masters in Bilingual Studies of the Laws of Europe (five specialities: German, common, Spanish, Italian and Russian law)
    • Elected member of the University Scientific Council (2007-2010)
    • Chairman of the selection committee (2010)
  • University of NEW CALEDONIA (Oct. 2004 – Sept. 2006)
    • Leader of a research seminar for the Laboratory of legal and economic research
    • Subject of seminar in 2005 “Comparison”
    • Subject of seminar in 2006 “Environmental protection”
  • University of ROUEN (1997-2001)
    • Director of the Normandy Ph.D. law school (ED n° 98), 1998 – 2001.
    • Co-director of the Research centre for professional activity law (CRDAP, EA n° 3231), 1998 – 2001.
    • Founder and director (1998-2000) of the DESS postgraduate degree in Private professional activity law.
    • Member of the University Scientific Council (Rouen), 1998 – 2001.
    • Accredited member of the Private law and criminal science specialists commission, 1997 – 2001.
    • Member of the University Research evaluation commission, 2000/2001.
  • University of PARIS I – PANTHEON SORBONNE (1996-1997)
    • Member of the Faculty committee (International and European Law)


  • Editorial and scientific responsibilities
    • Director of a Dalloz collection (creation of a new collection of thematic books bringing both a deductive and inductive approach to important legal issues; authors currently working on the collection: P. Ancel, C. Bidaud-Garon, H. Fulchiron, J.-L. Halpérin, C. Hagueneau-Moizard, A. Haquet, S. Touzé)
    • Member of the editorial board of the Revue trimestrielle de droit européen – editor of the “book review” column (Dalloz)
    • Member of the editorial board of the Revue internationale de droit comparé(published by the Société de Législation Comparée)
    • Member of the scientific committee of the Varenne Foundation (FR) (European law specialist)
    • Member of the scientific committee of the Research mission “Law and Justice” (GIP Justice – French Ministry of Justice and CNRS)
    • Former member of the Scientific council of the Revue Droit de l’immatériel(Lamy – 2008 – 2014)
    • Editor of the professional activity law column for the Research centre for professional activity law – Petites affiches (CRDAP – ROUEN – 1998 – 2000)
    • Co-editor of the European and comparative law column of the Centre for European and comparative legal studies – Petites affiches (CEJEC – NANTERRE – 2001 – 2011, in collaboration with I. Omarjee)
    • Co-editor of the European contract law column (EU – CEDH) – Revue de contrats – LGDJ (2003- present, in collaboration with F. Marchadier J.-P. Marguénaud, A. Tenenbaum)
    • Editor of the annual column: “Interactions of international and European law” – Journal du droit international – Lexis-Nexis (2009 – present – in collaboration with S. Touzé 2014 – present)
    • Coordinator of the annual column for French judicial jurisprudence relating to European Union law published by the International, European and comparative law team (EDIEC – University JEAN MOULIN, LYON 3) in the Revue trimestrielle de droit européen – Dalloz (2012 – present)
    • Member of the Advisory Board for the Spanish Yearbook of International Law (2014 – present)
  • Scientific associations: member of the Comité Français de Droit International Privé(CFDIP), the Société de Législation Comparée (SLC), the Commission pour l’Etude des Communautés Européennes (CEDECE), the Association de droit international, French branch of the International Law Association (ILA) and the Société Française pour le Droit International (SFDI).


  • Jan. 1992 – Aug. 1994: Lawyer with the Paris Court of Appeal
  • 2003: Expert for the French Ministry of culture and communication with Pr H.-J. Lucas through the French High Council for literary and artistic property – on the theme of the private international law of literary and artistic property.
  • 2008: Expert for the French National evaluation agency (AERES) (« training and degrees” section – Masters expert, Paris University – Dauphine)
  • 2010: Expert with the European Parliament (EU) for issues relating to the internal market (DBBLaw – TEE)
  • 2011, 2012, 2013: AERES Expert (« research teams and units section »; EA and UMR expert at the universities of Paris-Dauphine, Besançon, Dijon, Lorraine, Paris 2 -Panthéon-Assas)
  • 2013-2014: EU-CEPOL expert mission – training programme: European Joint Masters Programme « Policing in Europe » (collaboration ENSP – Jean Moulin University, Lyon 3 – 13 partnering countries)
  • 2014: EU expert mission relating to a European twinning programme for an Algerian research centre (Centre for legal and judicial research) with various partners (notably: ENM – GIP Justice – GDR CNRS AFSJ)
  • 2015 – Expert mission with the Secretary General of European Affairs (FR) (SGAE – Prime Minister) – Programme for recasting texts of European secondary intellectual property legislation.