European Joint Master Programme « Policing in Europe » – CEPOL – ENSP – UJML3 – GDR CNRS ELSJ, 2015 – 2018



In association with the Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 (Faculté de droit – EDIEC) & the GDR CNRS ELSJ

European Joint Master Programme (EJMP) – Policing in Europe : Legal aspects of International Police Coopération – 2015-2018

On 9th December 2014,  European universities convened at the premises of the European Police College (CEPOL) in Budapest to sign a Framework Partnership Agreement to implement the European Joint Master Programme (EJMP), CEPOL’s first Master programme.

The EJMP is a two years part time programme and comprises 60 ECTS. It is the first EU academic programme aimed at addressing common challenges of police cooperation in the frame of internal security.

The programme aims at providing science-based competences in the field of International and European Police and law enforcement cooperation and management. The EJMP provides added value to police training and police work in the European Union and contributes to a successful cooperation of law enforcement authorities in the Space of Freedom, Security and Justice.

The programme is designed to further qualify law enforcement officers on the implementation and operationalisation of EU instruments, especially on police cooperation in concrete cross-border settings.

The Master Programme consists of 7 modules. Each module draws a variety of assignments which are assessed on a Common Assessment Framework. The main characteristic of this framework is that it can evenly be used and applied by all assessors in all contributing institutions to the full echelon of assignments, whether they are written or oral in nature, small or large in size, empirical or theoretical. The framework is based on a common scheme that has successfully been applied by several universities.

The CEPOL learning environment is part of the learning structure, with the inclusion of an e-learning environment (Webinars, Common Curricula and e-Learning Modules).

The EJMP is dedicated to senior police officers or experts in general management positions or specialist positions who intend to gain or improve competences in the field of International and European Police and law enforcement cooperation and management.

Applications can only be submitted through CEPOL contact points following a nomination call.

Dr. Ferenc Bánfi, Director of CEPOL, commented: “As challenges for the European Security Policy grows, we are seeing a clear need for further training of law enforcement officers in the EU. This programme is a first of its kind Europe wide, and CEPOL is proud of its work to make it possible. We look forward to welcoming our first students”.

A decision on the partners who will be implementing the first CEPOL Master from 2015 to 2017 was adopted by the Steering Board at its first meeting on the 10th of December.